Humiliated phone sex: Men who like to be told that their dicks are really small

I like getting dressed for the ‘job’, much like the office worker dons her tailored suit and matching shoes, I grab my slinky lace bra with a matching thong and slip right into them. I am always so impressed with the way my lingerie hug my curves as thoughts of my last sexual encounter floods my mind and puts me in the mood to want to ride a nice big cock to high heaven, even if it’s only cheap phone sex. My hair is on fleek and my make-up flawless. I lay across my bed with my phone in hand, I am ready to please. The calls are my usual “I want to fuck you hard”, “want to jack off”, “suck my cock” kind of vibe but on this one call I was a little thrown off. He sounded a bit sigh and hesitant as if he didn’t want to speak which made me a bit curious. In these cases, I have to think hard and fast to figure out what his needs are.
“Tell me what you want baby, I am here to please you,” I said in my most vivacious sexy voice
“Hello, I want – I want to fuck you.” He stammered.
“Oh, baby that’s what I am here for.” I tried to make him feel more comfortable with me, it might just be his first time and I want him to leave me satisfied.
“You are so beautiful; I bet you not used to a small man like me.” He sounded a little embarrassed and I was a little confused as to why he felt that way. What did he mean small? It occurred to me that he might just be talking about the size of his penis. I was about to address it to let him know that I was not there to judge but to give him pleasure and make him comfortable but then he burst out.
“See you can’t even answer me, you are laughing at my two inches aren’t you?”
“No, I wasn’t.” I countered. I was just-“ Wait a minute did this guy want me to shame him on his dick size? I had read somewhere that there are men who relish the idea of being humiliated, talked down to because of their cock size. I decided to tread cautiously.
“Two inches, what do you want me to do with that? I can’t even get that pass my lips.” I heard him make a quiet moan, no doubt stroking hard on his two inches. He was beginning to get his pleasure and at that moment he had given me permission to insult him on this small cock.
“I mean look at that thing, I need a tweezer to hold it up. I said mockingly. “You better be good at oral sex honey because that’s the only way you gonna please me.” I chuckled. I could hear his breathing getting intense as he continued to stroke but I wondered though how do you go about fucking a man with only two inches to offer?
I knew you would only laugh at my two inches,” He stressed trying to egg me on, I laughed again knowing now that it was a turn on for him and that made me start to get hot myself. This was a new experience for me and I wanted to make sure my man of the moment is satisfied.
“You hate my cock.” He begged for the insults.
“Cock? Stop calling that thing a cock it does not deserve that name, come on. You need at least five inches to be in the family of cocks that thing is a clit at best. I need at least eight inches to fill up my tight little pussy and make me beg for mercy with each stroke, can you do that? No, you can’t, just balls and no cock but maybe you can watch me on my knees with some random fucking me mercilessly.” For a moment I wondered if I had gone too far overstepping because I was beginning to enjoy this role play. I waited for a moment to get my lead then he chimed in.
“You are so mean, why won't you stroke my small cock?”
“I would if could find it.” It seemed like every insult was fuel to his imagination as his moans get louder. I knew he was just frantically stroking his dick getting that intense build up waiting for that moment of release and relief. I was eager to get him that point and so I continued.
“You must still be a virgin, walking around with that little dick. Do you even have a girlfriend? How do you satisfy her I am curious?” He let out a loud groan that indicated to me that he had cum. I imagine his juices running down his hands and thighs. He whimpered a little then uttered. “Thank you, darling.” The line went dead.
I let out a scream. Did I just do that? Did I just insult a man to cum all over the place? I was happy at the thought of unearthing a hidden talent as this was a first for me but got so excited by it, I found myself looking forward to hearing from him again.