Favorite phone sex humiliation story

There are those days when the calls are mundane like reliving the same calls over and over, then something exciting happens and my enthusiasm builds up for what I know will be something to make the day exhilarating. I should have been an actress; role-playing is definitely my calling as I am able to slip into any character thrown my way. He played shy and nervous having that initial light conversation and from that, I realized that he wanted me to be the dominant one, to humiliate him. I could feel the excitement building in me, the call that not just served him but me as well because I knew that when it was all said and done, we would both be satisfied and relieved.
“I love you, my lady, he said. I only want to please you.” He said begging for my attention.
“You are failing at it.” I snapped
“I’m sorry my lady. I-“
“I don’t want apologies,” I shouted. You have been insolent and you need to be punished. Bend over like the good boy.” I ordered. “You need a good spanking.”
“I am bent over my lady.”
“You get ten lashes.” I imagine him bent over with his ass up in the air ready for me to whip him. I clap my hands together to simulate the sound of a paddle against a nice raw ass. I heard him whimper at each clap as if he was actually feeling a whip against his ass. I imagine for this to work and for him to get off, he had to be good at visualization or was he inflicting pain on himself to make the scenario more real? Either way, I knew that he was aroused by the sound of my bossiness and his arousal was becoming a real turn on for me. I could feel my juices flooding my underwear but this was not about my pleasure, I got back into ‘femdom’ role.
“That’s what you get for not following orders. Now see those lace undies? Put them on and model for me.”
“But My Lady I…I don’t –“ I clap my hands together simulating a whack on the ass which effectively stop him in mid-sentence.
“Did I give you permission to speak? I don’t care what you like or don’t like, it’s about what I want and what I want is for you to be dressed like a little bitch in that those lace panties. I demanded.
“Please my lady, I promise I won’t disobey again.” He whined, staying true to the scenario.
“No you will not disobey me again; there are penalties for your insolence.” I paused and listened to his breathing getting more intense
“Now, I am spread eagle on my nice silk red sheets my legs are wide open. Come over here and lick my pussy.” I started to lose myself in the fantasy as I slipped my fingers into my now very wet and inviting pussy imagining a real tongue running up and down my swollen clit. I almost forgot about my role as my fingers glided deep inside me. I shook myself out of the fantasy and continued making demands for another few minutes.
“At least you know how to eat my box because I know you don’t have enough inches to satisfy my sweet pussy. Yes, that’s a good boy. Look at your face all wet from my juices, lick me dry , yes, lick me dry.” His moans were getting louder as he stroke away at his cock, licking his lips as if he could taste my pussy juices running down his face.
“Climb on top of me and fuck me and you better cum in five minutes or you will be punished. I am watching my clock and if you don’t come at that time I will have to spank you mercilessly. Prove to me that you are a good boy. Now slip that cock inside of me and start pumping away. The only part of you that should be touching me is your cock.”
I could hear him stroking his dick as the mood intensified and the moans became louder.
“Please allow me to touch your breasts my lady, so plump and suckable. Please let me touch.”
I clap my hands again and he responded as if in pain.
“Don’t speak just do as I tell you. You like being punished, don’t you? You like feeling that paddle against your ass don’t you? Well look at that, the time is up. Get off of me. You can’t even give a good fuck but you want to touch my breast.” I said scornfully. “I will give you two more minutes to jerk off in front of me and you better come within that time.”
He let out a loud groan which indicated to me that he had spewed his come all over. He promptly hangs up the phone leaving me to cum on my own.
The release was delicious.