Why men with large dicks are awesome and you're not

Last call of the day and a satisfying day at that, a whole day of licking, sucking and fucking…yes, I do love my virtual days of endless satisfaction but as usual, some calls are better than others, just like some phone sex numbers are better than others. There are those that demand and there are those that beg and then there are those that are just downright nasty and want to degrade you but if you know me, I don’t put up with that shit because I love being in control, that’s what works best for me. Unwinding with a glass of wine and just looking forward to light sex play to send me off to my fucking fantasy will this last call be it?
“Bitch I could damage you with this big cock of mine, pushing all six inches into you making you beg for me to stop fucking you so hard.” He was already halfway to his pleasure which meant I had to try and catch up but he wasn’t giving me room to speak. So I decided to just listen.
“Bitch, tell me how you like this cock, tell me how you like this cock… sluts like you know how to take big dicks don’t you?” He paused for a moment but I could still hear him jerking away at his dick. “The fuck, bitch… say something.”
“It will take more than six inches to satisfy this pussy.” I laughed. “You think you could ride up in this pussy with six inches and think you are fucking to satisfy me?” I realized that he had stopped jerking off because of the way I responded. I imagined that he was thoroughly confused. “I will allow you to fuck me but don’t think for a minute that I will cum all over the place from just six inches.”
“Bitch what the fuck are you on?”
“ You really want to know? Let me tell you what I am on, I am sitting on nine inches of cock pushing so deep inside of me I feel like I am going to split open form the pleasure and the pain. Boy got me on my knees and pulling my hair back while his other hand is on the small of my back shoving deeper into my pussy. This boy got me screaming so loud I am disturbing my neighbours. That’s something you can never do with six inches baby.”
I could hear him frantically pulling on his cock again. The imagery while insulting was a big turn on.
“The best thing you can do is watch and learn from a man with a big dick, watch how he commands this pussy. Watch as he makes my tight little pussy wrap around his cock, makes me want to run away but at the same time the pain is so sweet I can't think of pulling away from this sweet fuck.” I started moaning as my pussy started getting wet. I slip my fingers into my panties sticking two fingers into my pussy.”
“Oh yes baby tell me what a big cock can do to that tight little pussy. Tell me how you beg for my cock.”
“No baby, I will tell you how I beg for his big cock. You don’t have that baby. Just keep watching as he flips me over, throw my legs over shoulders, lift my ass up and starts to pump his that cock into me. “Grabbing my hip as he pulls me onto his nine inches.” I moaned as I recall nights like that. “Can you see that? Does it turn you on to see him fuck my so hard until I can hardly take it?”
He was frantically jerking his dick you could hear it as he moans and he starts breathing faster.
“Men with big cocks don’t tell you about their sizes, they know they can rip a pussy up make you beg with pleasure. They know how to slide in slow then fuck your brains out. They know how to make you beg for the fuck.” Talking like that had me thinking about my ex and what I wouldn’t give for another night with that big hard hammer sliding in and out of my tight little pussy.
“Yes baby keep talking like that baby, let me cum inside your sweet tight little pussy then I just want to slip my tongue in that pussy and lick your pussy dry. Come on baby come on baby come baby.” He let out a scream. “Oh shit! I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming.” It just dawned on me that I made the transition from bitch to baby in a matter of minutes. Sweetness does lay on my tongue when I can make a man take an insult but ignores it and instead focus on just pleasure.
I heard him sigh. “Oh sweet bitch.” He exclaimed, fully reliefed and relaxed. And just like that, I am back to being a bitch but no matter, it's nothing new and I am okay with that as long as his fantasies come thru and he is satisfied that means my work is done. He thanked me and hangs up the phone but it got me thinking. I can't go to bed tonight on a fantasy of a big cock. My pussy was swollen and I was getting wet just thinking about riding my exes cock for the night. Guess I have one more call. Once I start whispering my dirty fantasies in his ear and reminding him of our kinki nights that use to make him scream like a little bitch, he won’t be able to resist. I picked up my phone and dialled his number.